Governing Workforce Strategies: New Questions for Better Results | Deloitte Insights

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Many firms leverage data, metrics, and analytics to inform their decisions about the future of work, the workforce, and the workplace. Despite progress in these capabilities, this article argues that many workforce metrics and governance have not kept pace. It submits that firms must increasingly ask “fundamentally new questions to find relevant, actionable workforce metrics that can inform bold decisions around critical human capital risks and opportunities.” And while this article was written in May 2020, it was timely to reappear in my newsfeed as firms refine workforce data collection efforts that enable them to navigate the future more effectively. Figure 3 of this in-depth article includes 11 workforce and workplace questions that can help firms get actionable insights. One question on future leader readiness is: What new trends, challenges, and scenarios are our leaders being prepared for? Regarding human capital brand: How are our culture, workforce, and leadership being portrayed externally? As firms ask these and other strategic questions, they can uncover actionable insights that empower them to take decisive action on the workplace and talent issues that matter most.

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