High-Potential Employee Identification Playlist | Brian Heger

Talent Management

Many organizations conduct a talent review process—where one goal is to accurately identify (and develop) employees with the greatest leadership potential. However, identifying high-potential employees can be challenging for several reasons, including a lack of objective criteria for determining potential.

Since I have received many inquiries on this topic, I’ve compiled this one-page playlist of four (now updated to be five!) resources from three thought leaders: Allan Church, Rob Silzer, and Marc Effron.

Sample questions explored in these resources include: 

  1. What are the indicators of potential? 
  2. Should we change how we define and measure potential to align with the changing nature of work and the workplace? 
  3. Are there different types of potential? 
  4. What are examples of how high-potential employees can go undetected?
  5. What is the optimal “number of boxes” that should be used during a talent review to categorize performance/potential?

Check out these five resources for many insights that can help inform your organization’s approach to high-potential identification.