How a CHRO Should Manage Talent During and After COVID-19 | Top CHRO

HR Effectiveness

The nature of HR work and priorities continues to undergo a wave of changes that will ripple well beyond the pandemic. And as CHROs and their teams continue to rewrite aspects of their HR playbook, two chapters that are undergoing several revisions are talent management (T M) and workforce planning (WP). This article highlights how organizations must break free from legacy TM and WP approaches to pursue more agile and flexible practices, including 1) Workforce “futuring: using labor market analysis and technology to plan workforces for the future. 2) Purposeful talent reviews: quick, virtual sessions rather than dragged-out discussions, leveraging technology for reflective downtime, and remote talent assessments and interviews. What are three ways your WP and talent review approaches must change to be more agile and flexible? What are the barriers that need to be removed to implement these changes? What are three immediate actions that you can take to influence and drive this change? With the growing need for agile WP, I am looking forward to reading Adam Gibson’s book, Agile Workforce Planning: How to Align People with Organizational Strategy for Improved Performancedue to be released in January 2021.

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