How Cisco Uses Data to Drive Strategic Workforce Planning | i4cp

Workforce Planning

Although the use of data and analytics (D&A) has permeated most HR-business related processes and approaches, one area in which D&A is driving advances is strategic workforce planning (SWP). This article highlights how Cisco redesigned its SWP approach by using data, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and predictive modeling, to guide its efforts. A few steps include 1) Partner with the Chief Strategy Office to ensure alignment with Cisco’s strategic direction, including competitive landscapes and the current and future growth skills required to drive Cisco’s long-term success. 2) Leverage market intelligence from multiple sources, to identify job skills and roles for hiring companies. This information, along with existing internal data and leader interviews, were combined to create a common taxonomy of roles, job families, job titles, and functions within Cisco. 3) Validate roles and skills against business priorities to determine if Cisco has a gap or an opportunity for growth in each area. 4) Identify and plan for similar skills and roles, learning and development approaches, and critical talent. Other ideas are offered, including that Cisco uses an enterprise learning experience platform (LXP) that provides user-friendly and curated learning content in which employees can access content related to skills of interest. The team is also applying a diversity lens to ensure the revised SWP approach aligns with the company’s diversity and inclusion goals.

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