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Talent Management

As organizations continue to find ways to efficiently redeploy their workforces, when and where needed, a capability known as internal talent marketplace (ITM) can help drive these efforts. This article discusses the importance of ITM in effective talent management. ITM “enables managers throughout the entire organization to post listings for open positions, temporary assignments, short- and long-term part-time projects, mentorships, and any other initiative.” AI then helps to match talent to opportunities in a scalable and efficient manner. One example of a successful ITM implementation is Unilver, where it enrolled 100,000 employees across 12 business areas in 90+ countries into their ITM platform, FLEX Experiences, since 2018. The impact has been greater visibility into employee skills, improved engagement and satisfaction, and unlocking 30,000 hours of workforce capacity. The article also cites three components of culture that support ITM adoption, including independent minded employees and open-minded managers.  This component emphasizes that employees take responsibility for their growth and development, and managers are expected to share (not hoard) talent. One way Google prevented talent hoarding in one department was to make the process of internal mobility (shifting into a new role, project, or team) mandatory three times a year. To learn more about ITM, you can also check out a podcast by Josh Bersin where he elaborates on the topic and a post on how Schneider Electric launched its internal mobility platform, Open Talent Market.

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