How Inequity is Showing Up in Virtual Work Environments | Culture Amp Blog

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While racial injustices and the coronavirus pandemic continue to dominate the social discussion, many organizations are addressing questions of equity and equality. As noted by the authors of this short article, “Equity refers to the policies and practices that account for the fact that we do not all have the same circumstances or barriers and thus may need different kinds of support. It is the creation of conditions that eliminate barriers and advance processes to ensure fairness and justice. Equity is about fairness.” And since COVID-19 is impacting people in different ways, inequity is showing up in the virtual work environment and can disproportionately impact groups such as parents, news hires, women, underrepresented racial and/or ethnic groups, to name a few. This article discusses how inequities are heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic, and offer strategies managers can implement to combat them. For example Situation: some people are dealing with the inconveniences of being at home, while others have the stress of taking care of/worrying about other family members. Solution: Show empathy and flexibility. Create an environment in which if someone needs to reschedule, it is met with empathy and understanding. In short, “taking into consideration that people come to work with different circumstances is a large component of Diversity and Inclusion work that should be embedded into management styles now and beyond this current crisis.”

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