How Internal Talent Marketplaces Can Help Overcome 7 Common DEI Strategy Pitfalls | Deloitte Blog

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are top priorities for many organizations. Simultaneously, firms increasingly show interest in exploring artificial intelligence solutions for driving more fair and efficient talent practices. This Deloitte article addresses how firms can use internal talent marketplaces (ITM) as one enabler to achieving desired DEI outcomes. An ITM is an AI-enabled platform that allows organizations to connect talent to opportunities across full-time and part-time roles, short-term assignments, projects or gigs, volunteering, and mentoring, among others. Most ITM platforms use skills to match talent for these various opportunities. As it relates to DEI, the argument for ITMs is that it helps democratize opportunities by making workers aware of opportunities, enables managers to identify ‘hidden internal talent,’ and more. And while ITM shows promise for enabling DEI and aspects of talent management, firms often think disproportionately about the technology component at the expense of the non-tech factors. One example of a non-tech factor is determining how current talent practices and policies, cultural behaviors, etc. need to change to enable an ITM (e.g., incentivize managers to share talent vs. hoard talent; remove policy barriers that make it challenging to redeploy workers, etc.). With this in mind, here is an article by PepsiCo’s Allan Church and Natalie Cori—How to Tame the Talent Marketplace—covering nine things for firms to consider. As mentioned in the article, “turning on talent marketplace is like turning up a dimmer, not flicking on a light switch.”

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