How Part-Time Senior Leaders Can Help Your Business | Harvard Business Review

Talent Acquisition

As organizations continue to find creative ways to build leadership capability, one strategy gaining appeal is the notion of fractional leaders—experienced professionals, often with decades of expertise, who offer their skills to multiple firms without the full-time cost. As this new HBR article points out, a LinkedIn search found that “as of early 2024, more than 110,000 individuals identified as fractional leaders, compared to just 2,000 in 2022.” The article discusses the pros and cons of engaging fractional leaders and outlines three key considerations and conversations necessary for effectively integrating them into organizations. One insight about evaluating opportunities for fractional work is to start with the work, not the role, by asking: What is the actual need from this function? The article also includes questions to ask potential fractional hires. Fractional leadership could be a part of your organization’s talent strategy and help fill critical talent gaps. As a bonus, regarding the Chief HR Officer role, I am resharing the Forbes Human Resources Council article15 Ways Fractional CHROS Can Help You Achieve Company Goals.