How PepsiCo Is Rethinking the Office: More Remote Work. No Assigned Desks | CNN Business

Workforce Trends

As part of PepsiCo’s new “Work that Works” plan, global corporate employees (about 80k of 290k employees) will decide with their managers which days they’ll be in the office and when they’ll be remote. As noted by Sergio Ezama, PepsiCo’s chief talent officer and chief human resources officer, “There are no limitations. There is no number of days you need to be in the office or a number of days you can be remote.” Before the pandemic, PepsiCo’s policy was that employees could ask to work remotely for up to two days a week upon manager approval. The office will no longer be the primary location where work gets done; instead, it will be used more purposefully for innovation, social connection, and celebration. As mentioned by Ezama, “when we asked our employees about ‘how are you thinking about coming back?’ people were not asking us for remote. Our people were asking us for choice to decide where and how they do their work.” Please note that when you open the link, there is also a 3-minute video that will play within 10 seconds, so please be sure to lower your volume. The video covers how banking/financial services CEOs are signaling that they want their employees back in the office.

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