How Recruiters Can Make the Most Out of a Hiring Slowdown | Harvard Business Review

Talent Acquisition

As several organizations experience hiring slowdowns—and another segment announcing job cuts and layoffs— this article provides seven strategies that recruiting teams can employ to stay engaged and add value to the business. The authors mention, “now, when you’re not recruiting, is the time to level up your skills and optimize your processes. If you do this well, when hiring inevitably picks back up again, you’ll be in a position to win.” A few strategies include: Build and nurture your talent pipeline (e.g., recruiters to build real, genuine relationships without the pressure either side experiences when trying to fill a role or job hunt). Clean up your tech stack (e.g., audit and evaluate each tool—such as the applicant tracking system, customer relationship management system, video interviewing platforms, etc.—on efficiency and adoption to determine opportunities for enhancements, etc.)Check-in with recent hires. Given that 86% of new hires decide whether they’ll stay at a company within the first six months, recruiters can influence the retention of these new hires by reaching out to see how they are doing in their new role (e.g., find out how their day-to-day is going, what projects they’re working on, and what has surprised them about their role and the company). Other ideas are discussed.