How Return-to-Office Policies Are Shifting With U.S. Virus Surge | Bloomberg

Workforce Trends

With the Delta variant causing a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, firms are reevaluating the impact of this trend on their return-to-office plans. And with a large segment of firms scheduled to make a full return-to-office by the end of the summer through early September, the timing for these decisions is soon. This brief article summarizes what a few prominent companies have said about their latest return-to-office plans. For example, Google announced it is pushing back its planned office return to October 18 from September. Facebook expects about 50 percent office capacity in the U.S. by early September, with a full return by October. Uber postponed its planned return-to-office date to October 25 from September. As noted in this recent Fortune article, “Big employers pride themselves on making data-driven decisions. They have the data and they don’t have the excuse of not knowing about the danger of an explosive growth in COVID cases.” It will be interesting to see how firms adjust the timing of their plans over the coming weeks. Here is a bonus article from The Wall Street Journal on which companies are mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for their employees.

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