How to Build Candidate Trust During the Hiring Process | Gartner

Talent Acquisition

As organizations compete to attract and hire top talent, one key factor in securing the best hires is the candidate experience. The candidate experience refers to the perception and feelings of a job seeker regarding an employer and their job application process. While the candidate experience has various touch points, many involve interactions with recruiters, hiring managers, and employees.

This article summarizes how these three segments of organizational representatives play a critical role in building trust with candidates throughout the candidate experience. And since only 54 percent of candidates state they trust organizations to be honest with them during the hiring process—particularly regarding role requirements and company culture—organizations who can establish trust with candidates may gain a talent advantage. However, the article emphasizes it is crucial to consider not only the information candidates receive but also who delivers it and how it is delivered. For example:

  1.  Hiring managers are the most trusted source of information for candidates, so they should be equipped to send personalized messages, focus interviews on aspects of the role where their trust is valuable, and connect with new hires before their start date.
  2. Current employees are trusted by candidates, especially at the entry level, for information about company culture and team dynamics. They should be involved in interactions with candidates to provide authentic perspectives.
  3. Recruiters can play a role by actively listening to candidates, aligning their goals with company values, and providing honest and relevant feedback.

The article provides specific actions that hiring managers, employees, and recruiters can take to foster trust with candidates throughout the hiring process.