How to Do Performance Reviews — Remotely | Harvard Business Review

Talent Management

COVID-19 has forced many organizations to rethink how they will handle performance management (PM) in 2020. In this HBR article, a few strategies are offered to answer questions such as: How do you begin to evaluate your employees’ performance at such a challenging time? How much should you consider the impact of Covid-19 on your assessment? And how do you make sure you’re fair-minded given everyone’s different circumstances? One recommendation speaks to the challenge of evaluating performance when not having as much data or “observations” one usually has as a result of not seeing employees in person, or due to other changes that have reduced the number of interactions between employee and manager. In such a case, managers should gather feedback from different sources (e.g., peers) to gain insights into questions such as: How is this employee proactively communicating? How are they connecting with clients and colleagues? Who are they helping? In case you missed it, last week I shared a post based on an article by Marc Effron that provides guidance on how organizations can manage PM approaches during this time.

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