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HR Technology

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on how organizations will prioritize and evaluate HR technology investments moving forward. This article offers three ideas, based on views from multiple practitioners, on how to prioritize HR Technology in a post-COVID 19. They include 1) A fierce focus on employee experience – e.g. solutions that are intuitive, self-service, and offer employee personalization, 2) integration – e.g., focus on solutions that can integrate into an organizations’ established processes–therefore saving time. A good set of 8 questions are provided to help organizations think through this component. 3) Collaboration – alignment across the leadership team on priorities versus having competing interests and working in silos. The article also offers a set of questions HR leaders should ask vendors when evaluating HR technology, such as “What is your full integrated solution” – which helps to understand not only what the platform can do now, but 18-36 months from now. It also covers HR Tech platforms that should be prioritized such as engagement and employee listening, wellness monitoring, people analytics, and digital learning.

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