How to Evaluate Use Cases for Generative AI in HR | Gartner

HR Effectiveness

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This Gartner article provides a framework for evaluating and prioritizing AI use cases in HR. Figure 1 details 20 AI in HR use cases, including job description generation and learning content generation, to name a few. These use cases are ranked based on two factors:

  1. Business value (e.g., operational efficiency)
  2. Feasibility (e.g., organizational readiness)

As HR teams evaluate various AI in HR use cases to pursue, here are 3 additional resources that can help:

  1. my editable PDF containing 10 AI in HR use cases, each accompanied by a concise statement of the use case, associated risk, and a practical recommendation for risk mitigation. Each page and use case includes a text box to document your notes.
  2.  An article by Dave Ulrich that can help HR leaders assess their effectiveness in applying AI in HR to enhance organizational performance and business effectiveness.
  3. An article by IBM’s Chief HR Officer, Nickle LaMoreaux, shares how IBM started its AI in HR journey and gathered quick wins.