How to Evaluate Use Cases for Generative AI in HR | Gartner

HR Effectiveness

This Gartner article provides a framework for evaluating and prioritizing AI use cases in HR. Figure 1 details 20 AI in HR use cases, including job description generation and learning content generation, to name a few. These use cases are ranked based on two factors: 1) Business value (e.g., operational efficiency) and 2) Feasibility (e.g., organizational readiness). The strategic ranking of each use case provides an additional viewpoint to consider as decisions are made for prioritizing different use cases. Additionally, I’m resharing my editable PDF containing 10 AI in HR use cases, each accompanied by a concise statement of the use case, associated risk, and a practical recommendation for risk mitigation. Consider the example of Employee Onboarding, which entails automating administrative tasks and delivering personalized training. A conceivable risk involves decreased employee engagement due to a lack of human interaction. To address this, organizations can seamlessly integrate AI-driven onboarding with human touchpoints, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging onboarding experience. Each page and use case includes a text box to document your notes.