How to Make the Internal Labor Market More Equitable | Gartner’s HR Leader’s Monthly – December

Talent Management

This 57-page issue of Gartner’s HR Leader’s Monthly includes nine articles centered on the theme: The Equity Imperative—How Fairness Improves Performance. The articles range from how HR can create a more fair employee experience to improve talent outcomes and how equity will drive employee engagement in the hybrid world, to name a few. Page 10 begins an article on overcoming barriers to equitable internal labor markets, defined as the processes and infrastructure within an organization that facilitate fair treatment and equal access to mobility of employees from their current roles to roles with a mutual fit of skills and interest. Three barriers to equitable internal labor markets include 1) Awareness: managers communicate job openings and opportunities mostly to existing connections. The authors mention how many employees know more about opportunities at competitor organizations than within their own organizations. 2) Access: high-potential talent are prioritized for opportunities, and 3) Support: managers hoard talent and block internal moves. HR leaders can address these inequities by democratizing awareness of internal opportunities through technology, opening universal access to opportunities, and incentivizing mobility support. Tactics are offered for translating these ideas into practice.

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