How to Map the Employee Journey | Predictive Index

Talent Management

Organizations understand the impact of the customer experience or CX (a customers’ holistic perception of their experience with an organization or brand) on important organizational outcomes, such as brand loyalty, buying behaviors, brand image, etc. The CX is influenced by everything ranging from navigating a company’s website to talking to customer service. Similarly, the employee experience or EX (the cumulation of everything a worker experiences during his/her tenure at a company) influences important outcomes such as employee engagement, discretionary effort, and employee retention to name a few. As such, organizations continue to leverage the EX as a way to impact these outcomes. One tactic in delivering an EX that “matters” is to look at an organization’s workforce and segment them into “employee personas” – a semi-fictional narrative of a group of employees with similar traits, experiences, and behaviors and that are based on data and insights collected about them. Using each persona, employee journeys can be mapped out to deliver a more impactful EX. P. 4 of this Predictive Index reference provides a framework for determining employee personas and can be a good starting point for organizations that want to gain traction in this area.

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