How to Overcome 4 Key Performance Goal Challenges in 2021 | HR Leaders Monthly March 2021| Gartner

Talent Management

Many firms continue to rethink their performance management (PM) practices as they adjust to new realities. And one learning during the pandemic is how quickly performance goals can change due to fast-changing priorities. As firms recognize the need for agile PM—including shifting goals and objectives rapidly as needed—this article provides a few ideas. The article (pages 9 thru 14) is one of seven articles focused on managing goals in times of uncertainty and disruption. It outlines four main goal-setting challenges leaders face in 2021 and provides suggestions to overcome these obstacles. Challenge #2  addresses how to determine when to update goals after they have been set. Table 1. on page 11, identifies five types of triggers to adjust goals, ranging from 1) strategic or financial triggers (e.g., Excellent or poor financial performance, change in market share relative to competitors’ 3) environment triggers (e.g., Changes in legislation or regulations, customer behavior, and technology), to 5) personal triggers (changes in work settings and family dynamics (e.g., taking care of a sick family member). This framework is a helpful tool for deciding whether to adjust goals and determining the actions that each trigger requires employees and managers to take.

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