How to Start Smart With a Talent Marketplace | MIT Sloan Management Review

Talent Development

Internal mobility—the movement of employees across various work opportunities within an organization—is a critical component of a talent strategy. Organizations are increasingly leveraging internal talent marketplaces (ITMs), hosted on tech platform, to connect employees with diverse opportunities (like full-time roles or projects) for fostering career growth and efficient talent deployment. However, establishing an ITM presents challenges, demanding careful planning. This article delves into Booz Allen’s initial year experience in launching an ITM, highlighting hurdles faced, strategies applied, and key lessons learned. One takeaway emphasizes the necessity for significant cultural shifts to effectively overcome ITM challenges, including 1managers’ reluctance to release their talent to other parts of the business, 2) employee hesitancy to seek reassignment for fear of appearing disloyal to their current supervisors, and 3) hiring biases, where receiving managers of internal talent are hesitant to accept workers who they don’t know or who may not “fit” all of the criteria that managers desire in candidates. One tactic used to overcome manager concerns involves creating skills-based talent profiles to provide clarity on individual capabilities. Other tactics are discussed. In case you missed it last week, check out Edie Goldberg’s new article on internal talent mobility. The link also includes my template to help identify and mitigate non-technological barriers to internal mobility.