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As noted in Josh Bersin’s HR Technology 2021 Report, the Internal Talent Marketplace (ITM) or Talent Marketplace is one of the hottest trends in the HR tech space. An ITM is often described as an AI-based platform that provides workers with suggestions on jobs, projects, and development opportunities that match their skills, experience, and aspirations. But as PepsiCo’s Allan Church and Natalie Cori mention in this article, at a minimum, HR and talent management professionals need to understand what it is—and what it isn’t” before implementing an ITM. Based on lessons from their early state post ITM launch at PepsiCo, Allan and Natalie present nine truths to be aware of when considering an ITM. Truth #4—Technology integration is easier said than done—speaks to the challenges firms can encounter when embedding ITM platforms into their existing tech ecosystem and talent processes. This truth is one reason I recommend firms experiment with an ITM platform under consideration well before making a purchasing decision. This miniature version of implementation and integration (i.e. pilot within a few business units) helps uncover the complexities of tech integration using actual employee data within a firm’s existing HR tech ecosystem. Even with an experiment, successful pilots may not scale as conditions present during the pilot may differ in a larger rollout. However, this tactic increases the likelihood that issues are detected upfront and factored into ITM purchasing decisions and implementation plans.

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