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I recently read a report on how data scientists’ jobs are becoming one of the fastest-growing roles. This is not a surprise given that organizations increasingly realize the potential of using data, especially people analytics, to make better decisions. However, one doesn’t have to be a data scientist in order to leverage the power of data. In the HR context, Human Resources Business Partners (HRBPs) sit in the perfect role of being a “data translator” – one who first helps to ask the right business question, ask the right questions of the data, and then helps to turn those insights into a story that will engage and resonate, stakeholders, to take action. In this role, HRBPs help to bridge the technical expertise of analytics with the operational knowledge of marketing, supply chain, manufacturing, risk, and other frontline managers–so that it has business relevance and value. Organizations can benefit from equipping and empowering HRBPs to become data translators. This article provides a few ideas on the topic.


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