How Trust Considerations Influences Workplace Return Intentions | Deloitte Insights

Leadership & Culture

While we do not know when the pandemic will subside, many organizations continue to rethink, rebuild, and develop reentry strategies for their workforce. And as firms refine these plans, they should ask: How likely is it that workers even want to return? What should business leaders expect? How should workers’ intentions inform back-to-the-workplace plans? To help answer these questions, this article (18 min read) gathered information about workers’ pre–COVID-19 workplace experience and satisfaction, their experience transitioning out of the office, their current work experience, and satisfaction, and return intentions. One driver that will influence workers’ likelihood of wanting to return is Trust – “our willingness to be vulnerable to the actions of others because we believe they have good intentions and will behave well toward us.” As leaders continue to plan, they should ensure that they do not forget about the importance of engendering Trust among their workforce. Doing so can accelerate a firm’s recovery and enable it to thrive in a post-pandemic world.

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