HP Work Relationship Index Report | HP Inc.

Workforce Trends

This new report presents findings from HP Inc.’s inaugural HP Work Relationship Index study, analyzing 50+ aspects of individuals’ work-related dynamics, including work’s role in their lives, skills, tools, and leadership expectations. The study draws upon feedback from over 12,000 “knowledge workers,” primarily desk-based, including hybrid and remote workers, along with 3,600 IT decision-makers and 1,200 business leaders across 12 countries. A few findings include: Leadership: While 68% of business leaders agree that new ways of working demand new leadership styles, only 1 in 5 workers feel leaders have evolved their leadership styles accordingly. Many knowledge workers would take an 11% pay cut to work somewhere with empathetic and emotionally intelligent leadership. Wellbeing: About half (48%) of knowledge workers are too emotionally and physically drained to complete personal tasks and responsibilities. This sentiment often hampers their ability to innovate. Workspace: Knowledge workers want a seamless experience as they move between work locations – and a choice in where they work each day. The same group said they would give up 13% of their salary to work somewhere that lets them work where or when they want. Page 23 shows a snapshot of six key drivers that can lead to a healthy relationship with work. Subsequent pages provide suggestions for actions organizations can take in the six areas. Since this is just one report, it should be used with other sources to derive a fuller set of insights.