HR 2021 Trends: People Strategies for an Uncertain Future | Visier

Workforce Trends

This 24-page report addresses three critical areas where organizations must rethink their talent approaches in 2021 and beyond. 1) Problem-solving through uncertainty becomes the new norm – e.g., to be more agile, firms will increasingly pivot from long-term strategic planning to operational planning that looks out weeks and months rather than years. 2) D&I action must happen now – e.g., after years of rhetoric on D&I, firms will commit to actions that accelerate meaningful progress. 3) The new expectations around employee experience (EX) – e.g., “EX is no longer confined to the four walls of the office and employers must find ways to balance employee well-being and safety with business continuity.” Examples are provided on how each trend can translate into talent practices. For instance, as trend #1 requires firms to be more agile, one response is to drive more agile workforce planning (WP) by focusing on skills (that apply to multiple roles) rather than roles. For each trend, there are questions that firms can answer as they develop their responses to the trend (e.g., what segments of our workforce will shrink or grow the most as business models change?) As a bonus resource on workforce planning (WP), you can listen to this 25-minute podcast where Adam Gibson discusses agile WP. Adam also is releasing his new book, Agile Workforce Planning: How to Align People with Organizational Strategy for Improved Performance. For more information about Visier, you can visit their website.

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