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As organizations continue to support employees, colleagues, families, and friends in Ukraine and surrounding areas, this reference provides links to helpful resources, including those for HR. While you can view the complete set of resources via the link below, a few to highlight include 1) Lars Schmidt has a thread on LinkedIn collecting internal memos on the crisis that many companies are issuing for managers and employees. 2) Ann RobertsCHRO from Flo Health Inc., has listed the number of actions that her company put in place to support its Ukraine employees, including relocation support. 3) Oyster has an article on supporting employees in Ukraine, with tips such as making salary advancements, providing access to mental health resources, and covering lodging costs. 4) Remote has put together a comprehensive list of actions firms can take to support remote workers in Ukraine, such as providing a direct phone number, so firms can stay in contact with workers that lose internet access. If you have additional recommended resources that can help others, you can share them with Lars directly or post them in the comment section of his original post. He will continue to curate information from multiple sources and make it available on a centralized hub.

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