HR Initiative Prioritization Template | Brian Heger

HR Effectiveness

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Most organizations are well underway in executing their goals and objectives for 2024. While it is still early in the new year, it is not uncommon for organizations to be faced with changing circumstances (e.g., layoffs, talent shortages, a shift in the business environment) that require them to reevaluate priorities. As HR leaders face decisions throughout the year to reprioritize talent initiatives, here is my one-page template that can be used to facilitate conversations and decisions. The editable template provides space to list all HR initiatives, evaluate their impact on delivering stakeholder value, and assess the complexity and level of investment for each initiative. Leaders can then decide whether to stay the course, deprioritize, or further reevaluate objectives. Like all templates I share, this tool aims to jumpstart discussions and dialogue that can help teams make informed decisions. Tailor it to your liking and further build on it by adding criteria for ‘business impact’ and ‘investment & complexity’ that fit your organization.