HR Leaders Monthly – August Issue on Resilience | Gartner

Leadership & Culture

Resilience—the ability to sustain or grow performance through disruption without damaging workforce health (i.e., the health of individuals, relationships, and the work environment)—is an essential capability for most organizations. As such, many HR strategies focus on helping to build resilience at the individual, team, and organizational levels. In this August 2021 issue of Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly, eight articles are offered on how HR leaders can design workforce resilience strategies that strengthen the organization and have a lasting, positive impact on employees’ wellbeing. Two articles (pages 10-14 and 28-30) discuss how HR analytics leaders can help firms avoid the “trap” of focusing on the “average” of all their employee experience, engagement, and wellbeing measures. Stated differently, strategies designed for the average employee are unlikely to succeed because, with such a wide variety of individual experiences, few employees are actually average.” Instead, segmented approaches will better help determine which employees are struggling through disruption and which are thriving. Other ideas are discussed for building impactful resilience strategies. For reference, here is a link to a previous share of ADP’s Workplace Resilience Study Report.

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