HR Predictions for 2021 Report | Josh Bersin Academy

Workforce Trends

In this annual report, Josh Bersin covers 12 HR predictions on topics ranging from employee experience, wellbeing, employee listening, DEI, HR transformation and innovation, talent mobility, capability-focused learning, and workplace safety. Regarding two of the predictions: 3) Employee Experience (EX) Is Now a Corporate Strategy – EX will require a cross-functional EX-team (e.g., HR, IT, legal, facilities, finance, and workplace safety) that looks at employee segments, employee journeys, and service delivery centers’ role in responding to employee problems and needs. It will go beyond “HR-related moments that matter” and will increasingly focus on all aspects of work, career, and life journeys. 4) Employee Listening, Hearing, and Communications Go Big. Since the pandemic has underscored the criticality of quickly understanding and acting on employee sentiment and feedback at any given time, firms will develop their capability of opening up various channels to “talk, share, listen, and get feedback.” For those interested in tactics on the employee survey and sensing channel, you can check out the book, Employee Surveys and Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities. For more information about Josh Bersin Academy, you can visit their website.

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