HR Predictions for 2022 | Josh Bersin

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Skills are a focus for many organizations that seek to understand their workers’ skills, the skills their organization needs, and the gap between the two. In this report by Josh Bersin on 15 HR predictions in 2022, one prediction to highlight is #7: Talent intelligence and skills taxonomy will become the cornerstone of your people strategy. Josh mentions that part of solving the skills challenge is having a skills taxonomy—a standard language for organizing and describing skills. And while technology platforms can enable skills taxonomies, Josh mentions that more is required to solve the skills challenge. One recommendation is to build a new center of excellence (COE), the COE of skills architecture. This new team will own job architectures, skills technologies, skills taxonomies, and the coordination of the capability academies. I like this recommendation since a perennial challenge for many firms in advancing their skills strategy has been integrating the “skill efforts” of various stakeholders. This team requires input from capability leaders — business or functional leaders (non-HR) that represent each strategic area of the company. The skills section of this report begins on page 10. Since this report is licensed and requires a direct download, you must use this download link to get the full report. As a bonus resource, here is a previous post I made where Josh discusses skills taxonomy in a 30-minute podcast.

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