HR Predictions for 2023 | Josh Bersin

HR Effectiveness

In this new report, Josh Bersin covers 15 trends and disruptions in the world of work that all HR leaders and professionals need to keep in mind as the year progresses. The trends are organized into three categories and provide various insights for HR teams to leverage for their strategic planning. The three categories and topics covered are:

  1. Work: changing jobs, skills, and career models; skills-based approaches; and hybrid work as a design challenge.
  2. Workforce: people sustainability as the future of DEI; new leadership models; and a balance of productivity and wellbeing.
  3. HRReinvented learning, recruiting, pay, and performance approaches; an emerging people analytics and HR tech landscape, and “systemic HR” as the new operating HR model.

Regarding two of the trends— new models of performance management will take hold 𝐀𝐍𝐃 organizations will seriously revisit their pay and rewards strategiesI would add that: as work becomes more project-based, it might require the cadence of performance feedback, evaluation, and rewards to align with the shorter duration of project cycles. This approach— which can strengthen the connection between performance evaluations and compensation—is what Gartner has referred to as “project-to-project performance management” (see 6 Predictions for the Future of Performance Management).

To access the Bersin report, you must download it from their website using the download button below. To supplement the report, here is a 60-minute webinar that Josh conducted on January 18th, where he covers insights from the report.