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It’s been almost four months since organizations communicated their 2022 business strategy and objectives. And similar to new year’s resolutions set at the beginning of each year, business strategy and goals can lose focus and attention as the year progresses. With one-third of the year behind us, it’s a good time for leaders to pause and reflect on their organizations’ progress towards 2022 goals and identify opportunities for adjustments. And as HR leaders reflect on their function’s progress towards 2022 goals, it is essential to communicate this status to stakeholders. This Gartner template helps to a) identify a shortlist of metrics to describe the HR function’s target state, b) document and monitor key assumptions, c) identify key initiatives and milestones required to move to the end state, and d) craft a concise statement that captures the essence of the strategy. HR leaders can use this template to distill their strategic planning status down to the essential components. In case you missed it last week, here is a one-page editable PDF by XPLANE that enables firms to identify a set of scenarios they may face and determine how they will respond. HR leaders can also use this reference as part of their strategic planning.

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