HR Technology 2021: The Definitive Guide | Josh Bersin

HR Technology

As HR technology buyers and implementors evaluate various tech applications, this report analyzes the changes taking place in 13 different HR technology categories, ranging from Employee Listening, Engagement, Culture Tools, Gig Work Management, and Analytics, AI, ONA, and Natural Language Systems, to name a few. The report sets the context by articulating how we continue to see a shift from HR Technology (e.g., HRMS, engagement surveys, recruiting, etc.) to Work Technology (e.g., wellbeing, lifestyle, etc.) This shift represents a growing need that “everything we now buy must feel useful and important as a tool for getting work done.” While there are too many insights to summarize from this 96-page report, page 8 begins a section titled: Skills: The Decomposition of Jobs into Fractal Work. This section shares how leading companies focus on skills as the currency of success versus jobs/roles. Figure 4. on page 9 illustrates the deconstruction of a) Job – what is in the HRMS, b) Role – specific goals, activities c) Capabilities – what people rely on to deliver and perform, d) Skills – more granular enablers of capabilities. These distinctions are important since they help buyers of these technologies more fully evaluate various tech solutions.

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