HR Technology Planning Imperatives for 2023 and Beyond | Gartner for HR

HR Technology

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This 20-page paper examines the HR technology considerations prioritized by 138 organizations for 2023. It offers insights into HR technology strategy, user experience, and HR-IT collaboration. A few findings include: 1) The top three HR technologies for 2023 are skills management, learning experience platforms, and internal talent marketplaces. The specific domain areas that HR technology leaders will focus on this year are reporting and analytics, recruiting (talent acquisition), and core HR or HR information systems. 2) Only 15% of survey participants expect to have “on-premises” HR technology, as most organizations will have fully migrated to the cloud. On-premises HR applications will be retained mostly by organizations with unique requirements, such as military or government entities. 3) By 2025, 60 percent of global midsize and large enterprises are projected to invest in cloud-deployed human capital management (HCM) suites for administrative HR and talent management. However, these organizations will still need additional solutions to address 20 to 30 percent of their HR needs. Most enterprises will integrate over three additional third-party applications to enhance critical capabilities, particularly in larger, complex, and global organizations. The research paper also identifies barriers to user adoption of new HR technology, such as misjudging employees’ digital maturity, misaligning employee needs and preferences with HR technologies, and insufficient communication about the change and value of the HR technology. Various other ideas are discussed.