HR Toolkit: Tackling 2023 Future of Work Trends | Gartner

HR Effectiveness

As organizations continue to translate workforce trends into talent practices, this 13-page paper provides actions that organizations can take in response to nine workforce trends that are most relevant to their business. The trends and sample response practices range from:

  • Pursuit of nontraditional candidates expands talent pipelines (Practices: Relaxing formal education and experience requirements in job postings; Reaching out directly to internal or external candidates from nontraditional backgrounds who might not have access to certain professional opportunities or even be aware of them.).
  • Hybrid flexibility reaches the front lines. (Practices: Giving front-line workers more control over their schedules. Offering more paid-leave). 

Another trend mentioned is that algorithmic bias concerns will lead to more transparency in recruiting tech. Fueling this trend are various legislation, such as one in New York City that went into effect on January 1, 2023. The rule restricts New York City employers from using AI in employment decision-making processes unless they take several specific and affirmative steps before doing so, including a bias audit of the tool. Another example is The European Union, which is also considering legislation protecting citizens against harm caused by AI systems.

Since AI in HR extends beyond recruiting, organizations would benefit from developing a holistic strategy for the responsible use of AI across all talent practices. With that in mind, here are three resources to guide these efforts:

  1.  A 59-page toolkit by the World Economic Forum that provides ideas to promote the responsible use of HR-based AI tools
  2.  The Forbes article— 2023 Will be the Year of AI Ethics Legislation Acceleration
  3.  The HBR article, When — and Why — You Should Explain How Your AI Works.

In case you missed it in Decemberhere is my one-page summary of 2023 Workforce and HR priorities according to seven resources, such as Gartner, Indeed Glassdoor, McLean & Company, and the HR Trend Institute. The one-page summary highlights shared trends across the reports and includes links to each source report.