HR Trends Report 2024 | AIHR

HR Effectiveness

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This 26-page report highlights 11 HR-related trends that will guide HR’s work in 2024. Two trends include: Organizations will increasingly tap into the “hidden workforce” as they continue to face challenges in finding talent to meet their talent needs. This hidden workforce represents 14-17% of U.S. workers and includes retirees who want to work, caregivers, neurodiverse individuals, people with long-term health problems, ex-inmates, and people without degrees. I have shared several resources, including Harvard Business School and Accenture’s report, “Hidden Workers: Untapped Talent,” on how organizations can recruit from these underleveraged talent pools. From talent acquisition to talent access. This trend emphasizes how many organizations are increasingly utilizing internal talent, or their internal talent marketplace (ITM), to meet their organizations’ talent needs. As organizations continue to focus on internal mobility as a key focus of their talent strategy, I am resharing my playlist of 5 resources on internal mobility and ITM. Topics range from how to encourage talent movement in an organization to removing barriers that discourage workers from applying for internal roles.