HR Value Creation | Dave Ulrich and The RBL Group

HR Effectiveness

These two articles help CHROs and their teams shift conversations from HR practices and policies to how human capability delivers value to organizational stakeholders.

  • Eleven Evolutions in Human Capability that Accelerate the Business—Dave Ulrich discusses 11 ways HR continues to evolve to create stakeholder value through four pathways: talent, leadership, organization, and HR. For each of the 11 areas within the four pathways, Dave includes a visual for how these areas continue to evolve.
  • What Makes an Effective HR Function?—Dave Ulrich, Joe Grochowski, Norm Smallwood, Joe Hanson, and Ernesto Uscher of the RBL Group identify 10 dimensions of HR functional excellence that make up the HR value logic. For each dimension, a key question is highlighted and guidance is provided on how these questions can be answered.

Both articles provide excellent insights into how HR can continue to create value for various stakeholders—and articulate that value in ways that resonate most with stakeholder groups.