HR’s New Operating Model | McKinsey

HR Effectiveness

As HR leaders continue to reevaluate and evolve their HR operating models to deliver new forms of value, this McKinsey article shares insights on five HR models. While Exhibit 2 shows the details of each model, the five models are:

  1. Ulrich+
  2. Agile
  3. EX Driven
  4. Leader-led
  5. Machine-powered

As one example, the defining features of the Agile Model include:

  •  the number of HRBPs is reduced, with a focus on management advice and organizational development,
  •  the size and number of CoEs are reduced, with a focus on deep expertise and critical topics, and
  •  end-to-end responsibility manifests in two ways: flow-to-work pools and task-to-team logic. 

Exhibit 3 provides guidance on model-organization fit based on eight different innovation shifts. I am also resharing this resource by Egon Zehnder, which offers additional insights on HR models, including a 2×2 matrix for evaluating different models based on:

  1. Agility—the organization’s ability to adapt and evolve people and processes in unexpected or fast-changing times.
  2.  The level of change or transformation an organization is willing to accept.

Rather than get stuck on the different labels and nuances of each model, I use resources like these as ONE of SEVERAL inputs to identify opportunities for using an HR operating model as one enabler for delivering internal and external stakeholder value.