‘Huge Benefits to Our Organization’: PepsiCo, IBM Share Why Their ‘Returnships’ Work | WorkLife

Talent Management

The article delves into the changing perceptions and practices surrounding career breaks and re-entering the workforce. Once stigmatized, career breaks are now being viewed with more empathy, with platforms like LinkedIn incorporating features to showcase them positively. Additionally, several major employers, including Chevron, Intel, Dell, Wells Fargo, Amazon, IBM, and PepsiCo, have implemented returnship programs to offer paid opportunities for skill enhancement and reintegration into the workforce. According to the article, this shift in attitude particularly benefits women and minority groups, who are often more likely to take career breaks frequently due to caregiving responsibilities. ‘Women are nearly twice as likely as men to take a career break, citing reasons such as full-time parenting, health and wellness, caregiving, and professional development.’ The article highlights specific company practices, such as Chevron’s “Welcome Back Returnship Program,” which assists experienced professionals in re-entering the workforce after a career break. The program offers a 12-week paid “returnship” with learning components and mentoring, and the possibility of full-time employment and benefits upon completion. Other company examples are provided, including IBM and PepsiCo.