Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources: A Toolkit for HR Professionals | World Economic Forum

HR Technology

Organizations are increasingly exploring opportunities to use artificial intelligence (AI) to manage talent more effectively, fairly, and efficiently. However, the use of AI in Human Resources (HR) has come under scrutiny because of multiple concerns, such as data privacy and bias. Further, since over 250 different commercial AI-based HR tools exist, this landscape can be challenging to navigate. This newly released 59-page toolkit developed in collaboration with a community of over 50 experts provides ideas to promote the responsible use of AI-based tools in HR. This resource contains an overview of AI in HR, how AI works, and critical considerations for the responsible adoption and monitoring of AI systems. It includes two editable checklists and questionnaires to guide the evaluation and implementation of HR-based AI platforms. 1) Tool Assessment Checklist (pages 29-45) focuses on the decision to adopt a specific AI-based HR tool, including questions to ask vendors and organizational stakeholders. 2) Planning Checklist (pages 46-54) addresses how firms can plan to strategically use AI in HR and how HR can develop the capacity to support these efforts. This resource provides excellent insights into using AI-based HR tools as a source of talent differentiation while overcoming the challenges.

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