I’m the New Head of HR, Now What? The First 90 Days | The RBL Group

HR Effectiveness

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The Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) role continues to gain prominence in many organizations. Over the past 90 days alone, I have posted hundreds of new CHRO appointments on CHROs on the Goa subscription-based digital platform that provides insights into hires, promotions, and resignations in the CHRO role. These appointments range from first-time CHROs to seasoned heads of HR transitioning to a new CHRO role. As HR leaders make this transition, this article by Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood shares critical questions that newly appointed CHROs should ask and answer during their first 90 days. The five main questions are: 1) Do I walk the talk about our business? 2) Do I have a broad map of the HR activities being done? 3) Do I have a sense of the key HR priorities? 4) Do I have the right team in place? 5) Do I clearly demonstrate my priorities and values through the transition? For each of the five main questions, there are sub-questions to help HR leaders go deeper into each topic. For example, for the main question, ‘Do I walk the talk about our business?,’ a few sub-questions include: Do I know how we make money? Do I see how (and how well) the business operates from multiple points of view? Do I have firsthand experience with the product/service? The article also provides actionable suggestions to help Chief HR Officers accelerate their transition.