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Employers and HR leaders have been faced with various talent management challenges–ranging from restructuring, layoffs, and transitioning staff from the office to home-based working environments in short timeframes–during the pandemic. As organizations continue through the recovery phase and beyond, they are simultaneously envisioning and preparing for what the “new normal” will look like. This new normal is heavily driven by workers’ expectations of their employer and views about workplace culture. Undoubtedly, an organization’s ability to understand employees’ expectations and use this information to help guide organizational responses is critical. This survey report looks at how COVID-19 may have changed employees’ expectations of their leaders and workplace. A few insights include: 1) Workplace culture is more important than ever – e.g., the personal support offered by a company, its leadership team, and managers are among the most valued attributes an employer can offer. 2) People above profit perceptions now a driving force in brand reputation – e.g., workers now expect a workplace culture that is kind and caring (over profit-driven) and one that also offers employees greater flexibility and work-life balance. 3) Direct managers must take on the role of delivering a meaningful and branded employee experience – e.g., workers have a greater expectation of their managers to communicate more frequently and consistently, ensuring that messages reflect and reinforce the corporate vision and culture. Other insights are provided including a top 10 list on page 13 of outstanding ways companies have stepped up during this crisis, such as providing reimbursements for setup costs related to home offices.

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