Indeed and Glassdoor’s Hiring and Workplace Trends Report 2023 | Indeed & Glassdoor

Workforce Trends

This 22-page inaugural multi-country report outlines five key labor market trends for the coming years. The five key trends include: 1) Tight Labor Supply will Continue to Impact Hiring, 2) Remote Work is Here to Stay, 3) As Workers Seek Higher Pay, Benefits Can Set Employers Apart, 4) Happiness and Wellbeing Matter, and 5) The Changing Workforce is Pushing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to the Forefront. Regarding trend #2, p.12 provides a few steps employers and policymakers can take to make hiring easier in the face of labor supply constraints (e.g., consider overlooked talent pools). I also want to point out that the talent supply is also affected by an organization’s ability to retain its current talent. With that in mind, I am resharing this one-page reference that integrates four resources for managers to leverage as they identify and address their most critical employee retention risks. They include: 1) pre-quitting behaviors, 2) questions to gauge the overall retention risk of a team, 3) work or life events that prompt employees to reflect on and reconsider their career, and 4) stay interview questions. This resource can help to evaluate employee retention risk and determine retention strategies.