Intentional Learning in Practice: A 3x3x3 Approach | McKinsey Accelerate

Talent Development

Various workforce reports, such as LinkedIn’s 2021 Learning Report, show that upskilling and reskilling are priorities for many organizations. Simultaneously, talent processes such as performance management — and concepts such as growth mindset—promote continuous learning and development. With these themes as the backdrop, this article by McKinsey provides a framework for how workers can set and achieve developmental goals with intentional learning. Unlike incidental learning, intentional learning is deliberate and focuses on development for a specific purpose. The authors offer a “3x3x3 framework” that fosters intentional learning by encouraging learners to 1) define three development goals2) over a three-month period3) while engaging three other people to support them in those goals. The framework is based on the premise that the most effective strategy for achieving learning goals focuses on setting fewer concrete goals over a shorter time period while enlisting the support of others to help drive accountability. And while these concepts in goal-setting aren’t new, the 3x3x3 framework provides a simple strategy for professional development and effective learning.

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