Internal Talent Marketplace: A Visual of How it Works | Brian Heger

Talent Management

Many organizations increasingly prioritize internal mobility as a key aspect of their talent strategy. To facilitate this talent practice, a segment of organizations are adopting internal talent marketplaces (ITMs). An ITM is a technology-driven platform that employs AI to match employees, along with their skills, to various opportunities, including jobs and projects. As internal practitioners work to introduce the concept of an ITM to organizational stakeholders and garner support, I am sharing my one-page visual from my book chapter in the recently published Strategic Workforce Planning: Best Practices and Emerging Directions (released on 3/29/24). The visual can be used to articulate how an ITM works, such as: 1) Identifying and integrating relevant data inputs into the platform, including employee data (e.g., resumes) and opportunity data (e.g., jobs, projects); 2) AI processing the data and generating employee skills profiles and an internal opportunity repository, using a common skills language; 3) The AI engine recommending relevant opportunities to employees (e.g., job A, C, project F, J); and 4) ITM enabling various use cases and outcomes, such as workforce planning and internal mobility.