Internal Talent Mobility Programs Can Advance Gender Equity. Do Yours? | BCG

Talent Development

This article summarizes how internal mobility programs—specifically internal talent marketplaces (ITM)—can help address gender inequities by democratizing access to opportunities. While several ideas build on this premise in the article, one point raised is how an ITM can reduce the perceived risk of switching jobs. Specifically, the authors mention a study showing that: “women were less likely than men to ask about internal opportunities, perhaps because they fear repercussions or worry that their manager will pressure them to stay put.” The presence of an ITM can reduce this concern and reemphasize the importance of internal mobility and talent sharing within an organization. While the article focuses on how ITMs can enable gender equity and support the career development of women, ITMs can provide improved transparency, equity, fairness, and inclusion for all employees. As a bonus resource, I am resharing a post I made over the summer titled, Non-technological Barriers to Internal Mobility in Organizations. In the post, I note that: while technology is a critical enabler of internal mobility (IM), organizations often approach IM as a technology initiative and lose sight of the non-technological critical components of an IM strategy. I include six non-tech barriers organizations must consider and overcome to tap the potential of IM in their organizations.