Is AI the Answer to Employee Mental Health and Well-Being Challenges? | The Conference Board

Workforce Trends

The 10-page paper by The Conference Board explores the intersection of employee well-being and AI in the workplace. The paper begins by referencing surveys highlighting how respondents feel that their well-being has been negatively impacted by factors such as increased work hours, heavy workloads, prolonged meetings, and work-life balance challenges. Despite organizations offering emotional well-being programs, only slightly over a quarter of respondents, including executives, find them effective. The paper explores innovative uses of AI to address well-being, citing examples like Bank of America’s investment in virtual reality (VR) headsets for AI-based interventions; a six-month study demonstrated significant improvements in anxiety, emotional distress, and focus levels. Mayo Clinic’s case study also showcases a notable reduction in stress and anxiety through AI-driven VR experiences. The report broadens our perspective on supporting employee well-being, even for organizations not yet ready to explore AI technologies for these use cases. As organizational leaders develop well-being strategies incorporating various factors (e.g., ways of working, AI, etc), I am resharing my employee well-being playlist, featuring five articles and reports on the topic.