Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? Questions About Becoming a Skills-based Organization | The Talent Strategy Group

Talent Management

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Numerous resources have been shared on how various organizations are shifting toward skills-based talent practices and becoming skill-based organizations (SBOs). The majority of these resources highlight the benefits of becoming an SBO and how it can help organizations achieve better talent outcomes. In this recently released report by Marc Effron of the Talent Strategy Group, he raises 17 questions that enable HR practitioners to think critically about their organizations’ pursuit of becoming an SBO. Sample questions include: Is there agreement about what a “skill” is? If a skills-based approach is needed, why is it needed? Is there a clear business case for becoming a SBO? Why focus on skills rather than on behaviors, competencies, capabilities, or experiences? I believe skill-based talent practices can be effective in select situations and specific talent practices, and I will outline why in a forthcoming book chapter in The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Professional Practice Book Series. My perspective is informed by a pilot study conducted in a business unit and based on a business case to address a real business challenge. However, practitioners will need to make this determination for their organizations on an individual basis, and Marc’s report can help critically evaluate and make informed decisions on this important topic.