Is your Organization’s Talent Acquisition Experience Driving Talent Away? | Deloitte Capital H Blog

Talent Acquisition

Few would dispute that there are numerous benefits to creating and delivering a positive talent acquisition candidate experience (CE). And one vital enabler of the CE is technology. This article reinforces several touchpoints during the talent acquisition process–referred to as Moments that Matter (MTM) –in which technology can enable the Job Search / Application and Interview Phases of the CE. For example, during the Job Search phase, AI can help candidates quickly understand which jobs they may be best suited for versus having them comb through lengthy and confusing job descriptions. Or, during the Application phase, voice recognition software can be used to have candidates answer a couple of quick questions to apply for a front-end job. This initial process would be followed by an SMS link on their phone to complete their application for a job, a capability used by McDonald’s. And even during the Interview phase, technology can enable self-scheduling to reduce interview coordination for candidates. Other ideas are provided on how to enhance the CE via technology.

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