It’s Time for Leaders to Get Real About Hybrid | McKinsey Quarterly

Workforce Trends

Organizations continue to share their strategy for transitioning workers safely and efficiently back to the workplace. A component of this strategy is preparing workers and managers for operating in a hybrid work environment. For example, I have shared posts about how companies such as Pepsico and Capital One have guided their workforce on practices and principles that enable hybrid work. As employers develop and provide guidance to their workforce, this McKinsey article reminds firms that there is a disconnect between what C-Suite leaders think workers want and what they prefer. Over three-quarters of C-suite executives recently surveyed expect the typical “core” employee to be back in the office three or more days a week. However, three-quarters of surveyed employees would like to work from home for two or more days per week, and more than half want at least three days of remote work. While firms need to consider worker preferences as they make these decisions, they also should apply a rigorous approach for deciding about hybrid work models. With that in mind, I am re-sharing posts by BCG and Mckinsey that outline the multi-faceted and complex factors that underpin these decisions.

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