July Issue of Gartner’s HR Leaders Monthly: The Importance of Culture In Hybrid Work | Gartner

Leadership & Culture

Many organizations continue to adjust their practices, processes, and business operations to support permanent hybrid work models. However, a segment of leaders remains skeptical about the effectiveness of hybrid working. One reason for this skepticism is leaders’ belief that hybrid work will erode aspects of the organizational cultures they have spent years building. According to a Conference Board report on 2022 CEO and C-Suite priorities, 46 percent of surveyed CEOs expect that hybrid work models will decrease the strength of their organizational culture. As HR leaders and their teams help their organizations realize the benefits of hybrid work while preserving aspects of their culture, this 41-page July edition of HR Leaders Monthly includes seven articles with ideas. The articles range from 1) The Importance of Culture Connectedness In Hybrid Work 2) You Don’t Need to Return to the Office for Your Culture, 3) Radical Flexibility Unlocks Culture Connectedness 4) Why Microcultures Win in the Hybrid World, 5) Fortify Your Learning Culture for the Hybrid World, 6) How to Build a Supportive Work Culture for a Multi-Generational Workforce. Another article that begins on p.12, The Moments That Matter for Culture in the Hybrid World, provides five moments in the hybrid and remote workplace where employees felt the strongest cultural connection, regardless of their physical proximity to the office. Other ideas are discussed.